Welcome to the Mülheim Eye Clinic.

Prof. Dr. Efdal Yörük, FEBO

Dear reader,

Our eye clinic’s objective is to provide optimal care for patients of every age who need to prevent or treat an eye disease. The Leonhard-Stinnes Foundation has enabled us, through generous contributions, to combine  state-of-the-art technology, excellent infrastructure and  highly specialized personnel. This support has allowed the Mülheim Eye Clinic  to develop into one of the most known ophthalmic care providers in Germany, acknowledged not only for the wide spectrum of Ophthalmology offered, but also for the continuous search for innovation and excellence. This has led to the close cooperation with several medical specialists in Germany, as well as abroad, who seek advise in difficult cases and entrust us with the treatment of their patients. Our target is to provide a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for every patient that we are presented with, through superb medical standards and above all with respect to the human being.

In the next pages you will be able to find more information regarding the Mülheim Eye Clinic history as well as the services we offer.

Thank you for your attention,

Prof. Dr. Efdal Yörük, FEBO

The Mülheim Eye Clinic